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DIAmond Award Winners – DIA Munich 2018

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DIAmond Award Winners – DIA Munich 2018

Munich, 19 October 2018 – No less than 1,000 (!) decision makers representing 50 countries from all 6 continents turned the fifth edition of Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA) into a massive success.

DIA, the largest ‘must see’ insurtech event worldwide, took place at 17 and 18 October in Munich and featured more than 50 insurtechs and 6 provocative keynotes and panel discussions. Technologies on stage varied from blockchain and bots to connected devices and conversational commerce.

DIAmond Award winners

The many insurers and insurtech investors in the DIA audience awarded six insurtechs the DIAmond Award for insurtech with most strategic impact; in random order:

  • DataRobot (USA): Accelerating the path to AI & Machine Learning competence for insurers of all sizes.
  • Creadi (Switzerland): AI driven insurance platform which allows customers to easily find individual solutions they need.
  • Somnox (Netherlands): On a mission to improve people’s lifes by sleeping with a robot.
  • e-Bot7 (Germany): Integrating an AI layer into CRM systems to increase the efficiency of customer service operations.
  • Codafication (Australia): Empowering insurers by augmenting existing infrastructure and allowing mobile first, omni-channel experiences.
  • Kryon (Israel): Innovative, intelligent Robotic Process Automation solutions to enable true digital transformation.

Special IHM powered DIA Award

Furthermore, HiNounou was awarded the special DIA Award powered by Insurtech Hub Munich for insurtech with most transformative power.

  • HiNounou (China/Singapore): Wellness ecosystem and platform, providing Seniors and their families with a one stop home wellness solution.

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